• 1

    Travel arount the world

    Go to east and come back from west (or opposite).
  • 2

    Go into space

    Fly with a rocket to stratosphere and see the Earth from above.
  • 3


    Whale watching

    See whales in their natural environment.
  • 4

    Visit an active volcano

    Climb an active volcano.
  • 5

    Stay in the Amazon jungle

    Stay in the jungle for a day and night at least.
  • 6

    Visit Machu Picchu

    Take a panoramic photo of Machu Picchu.
  • 7

    Experience an African safari

    See the "big five" and take a drone footage of wild animals.
  • 8

    See Northern Lights

    See and take a long exposure picture of the northern lights in Island or Scandinavia.
  • 9

    Watch orangutans in wild

    Watch orangutans in their natural environment in Indonesia.

Fear Defeating

  • 1

    Swim with sharks

    Swimming with sharks in an open sea.
  • 2


    Ride an elephant

    Touch and ride this huge and terrifying animal.
  • 3


    Ride a camel

    ..another big and terrifying animal.